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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we? 

  • We are a husband and wife team who have several small businesses.  We understand the difficulty of effectively marketing your business that is cost effective.  
  • We focus primarily on supporting women with a target audience of 25-40 years, such women likely have small children.  We want to provide women bloggers, influencers and small businesses with an easy and cost effective way to market their business to potential customers, readers and followers.

Why do you primarily focus on loops for women?  

  • Unlike other loops, we want to ensure that we have a target audience.  This, therefore, is likely to increase the likelihood of follower count remaining as long as you engage them through your posts.  
  • If you are not a woman blogger, influencer, or brand you may still join our loop as long as your primary audience are women between the ages of 25 to 40 years.

What is a loop?

It is a 30 second giveaway that requires the contestant to enter by the following: 

  • Go to the giveaway page 
  • Follow everyone the giveaway page is following 

And thats it!  It is simple and easy for all!  

What are the rules? 

Before the giveaway 

  • Check in 2 days prior to the giveaway via DM 
  • Review the giveaway script.  Copy it and be prepared to post on time during the giveaway.
  • Know the exact dates and times to post. 

During the giveaway 

  • Post on time for each mandatory post 3X on your instagram feed. 
  • Use the exact script provided for each mandatory post. 
  • Use your story and tag our IG handle at least twice within the mandatory time periods.
  • Keep the post on your IG account throughout the giveaway.

After the giveaway 

  • Keep the post on your IG account to announce the winner.
  • Keep the post on your IG account until the winner claims their prize. 

What if I don't post on time or check in on time? 

  • If you do not check in on time at least 24 hours prior to the event you will be removed from the follow list.  If you check in and post by the start of the contest, you will be added back to the follow list.
  • If you do not post on time during the contest, you will be removed from the follow list.  No exceptions.  
  • If you miss a check in or post we will always DM and tag you in a post so to ensure you check in and post and can be added back to the follow list.  Our goal is to ensure your full participation.
  • We will also send you a DM at least one week in advance to remind you that the event is occurring soon.  Please make sure to always add our event to your calendar.

What if I have an IG account that is larger than 50K with active engagement? 

  • Active engagement includes at least 1000 likes and 30 comments. 
  • You may join our loop at no cost to you. 
  • You must post at least twice and once in your story.  
  • You may purchase at checkout for $0 cost to you. 
  • Spots are always limited for each giveaway.  

Why are there different categories for each giveaway?  

  • We want an opportunity for all IG accounts to participate in our giveaway but some accounts may have more engagement than others, as a result the following applies:
    • Accounts with <1,000 followers have the least amount of spots available so to ensure that we can maximize the number of persons who enter into the contest.
    • Accounts with > 1,000 to 49,000 followers have the most spots available so to maximize the engagements of our audience 
    • Accounts with  > 50k+ followers with active engagement are allowed to participate for free due to their ability to engage our audience and thus make our competition more successful.